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Mark Schmitz, Certified Experience Economy Expert, Founder, and Creative Director of the Experiential Design Firm ZEBRADOG

Memorable brand experiences start with a strategically-designed visual identity system because first impressions and lasting relationships matter. For 30 years the Experiential Design Firm ZEBRADOG has been creating visual brand systems for companies and facilities nationwide.

“Your logo is the thumbprint of your company or product. It mirrors your values, your culture, your promise. Care for it as you care about your future.”
Mark Schmitz, ZEBRADOG Founder & Creative Director

Here are a few of our latest brand identities developed for people, products, and places that matter in our world.


ZEBRADOG partnered with the dynamic bioscience company, Elephas to develop a brand program for their live tumor imaging technology. This technology will dramatically expedite cancer treatment timelines by defining a targeted care path to successful therapies. Extraordinary research requires an identity that communicates cutting-edge science and credibility for funding presentations, company branding, and marketing to build awareness.


Urban Land Interests

Urban Land Interests is known for its premier commercial real estate developments focusing on urban infill and adaptive reuse of existing buildings in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Its newest project will revitalize and reinvent the block surrounding the American Exchange Bank built in 1871. The Exchange name and identity nod to its anchor building’s rich legacy while embracing the exciting possibilities of this modern-day landmark and its desirable Capitol Square location.


Madison Public Market

Madison Public Market will be a celebration of Madison’s rich culinary and artistic community. The market needed an eclectic identity as vibrant as the local food scene. Establishing a bright, cheerful color palette with various signature graphics provides this non-profit with a flexible toolkit to drive excitement and support in advance of its momentous groundbreaking.

The Glen Golf Park

The Glen Golf Park has become a national news story acknowledging Madison’s unique park system with a new twist. The Glen is the dream of internationally famed golf course developer Michael Keiser who personally invested in the re-imagination of this 1929 first-built nine-hole gem located in the center of Madison, Wisconsin. The ZEBRADOG team was inspired by the natural beauty of the ancient landforms resulting in a graceful sloping curve (the glen), indigenous pine trees, and an earthy color palette. The new identity lends a cohesive look to course signage, golf accessories, apparel, and three refreshing branded beer labels.

Nakoma Golf Club

Nakoma Golf Club was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1922. Its rich traditions involved using imagery of people indigenous to these lands for over 1000 years. ZEBRADOG advanced the club’s visual identity system, keeping its name Nakoma which translates as “I do as I promise.” A sophisticated signing and line extension system ensures a deep “sense of place” for members and guests to gather.


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Mark Schmitz is a Certified Experience Economy Expert, Founder, and Creative Director of ZEBRADOG, an Experiential Design Firm located in Madison, Wisconsin. For 30 years, ZEBRADOG has honed its reputation on the creation of strategic brand experiences in the built environment through signature visual communications and integrated digital media.


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