Building Student Memories for a Lifetime

ZEBRADOG is the trusted Experience Design Consultant that architects and university facility managers rely on to infuse branding, culture, and community into any higher education space. For 30 years, our experiential design firm honed its reputation on the creation of strategic brand experiences in built environments for higher education through signature visual communications and integrated digital media. We interpret and translate a university’s brand visual voice to create memories that attract and retain students, athletes, faculty, and donors.

How Can We Transform Your Next Campus Project?

An 80-year-old building becomes digitally relevant again as a vibrant space of learning, inspiration, and collaboration. New construction incorporates mission, story, and digital exhibitry to create a sense of place and seamlessly integrate into an existing campus. Donors are celebrated with unique feature elements and digital storytelling to recognize the importance of their contribution and incite robust giving in the future.

Our experience design experts nimbly adapt to changing schedules and strict academic calendars. This keen understanding of the balance of construction contractors, project managers, and infrastructure timeframes results in adherence to deadlines and budgets because time is money.



Alluring Admissions

Higher education admissions are competitive to attract the best and brightest to your campus. Space matters and creates attraction. Time is the currency of space design. The longer time spent in a space the more emotionally connected you become. This is a powerful tool in the recruitment process.

ZEBRADOG gives your school the edge by strategically designing unique, branded experiences that create shared memories and makes a lasting impression on prospective students.

How can we amplify your story to improve your recruitment process?



Engaging Athletic Departments

Celebrating passion, success, and teamwork are top priorities in athletic environmental design—wall murals don’t cut it when a team victory is on the line or courting a new recruit. Experience Design Consultant ZEBRADOG optimizes technology to integrate captivating content, infectious fan love, and amazing moments into the built environment.

We knit together divergent athletic programs under one unified brand voice and visual design strategy so student-athletes, fans, and recruits have a consistent, authentic, memorable experience throughout the entire athletic precinct.

Need a new game plan for your athletic department?

Donor Recognition

Evocative Donor Recognition

Tired of bricks and plaques to commemorate donors? So are we. ZEBRADOG approaches higher education donor recognition with unique feature elements that invite people to connect with a place and linger longer.

People want to be associated with a story and the brand of a university. We excel in the pre-design and pre-construction phases by celebrating a donor story that attracts like-minded alumni and invites robust philanthropic giving.

How can we close the gap between the ask and the gift for your next donor campaign?

Labs & Research

State-of-the-Art Research Labs

University research environments celebrate human scientific achievement therefore labs and facilities demand the highest level of design and art integration possible. Digital media integration is hard. Everyone needs it but no one knows how to go about it, harness its potential, implement it, and keep it fresh.

Experience Design Consultant ZEBRADOG is a collaborative partner from content procurement and creation to the application of sophisticated interactive media integrations. We never leave your side after installation by providing O&M manuals, analytics, and tech support so systems run flawlessly and update seamlessly.

How can we integrate technology into your next campus project?

Learning Environments

Smarter Learning Environments

Space, money, and time are the three biggest challenges university project managers face when embarking on the building, renovation, or restoration of an academic facility. ZEBRADOG excels at infusing the vision values, brand, and stories of any college of study into its hallways (and stairwells and gathering spaces) to maximize the ratio of storytelling to square footage.

We believe every student’s journey through their college shapes them into the person they become.

How can we help you make these moments count?

Unions & Student Spaces

Welcoming Student Unions

The student union is constantly evolving and moving. Incorporating programming for food and beverage, cultural events, activities, AND live music in its interdisciplinary design is complicated. Determining the visual brand and voice to direct people through its facilities and experiences is an enormously important consideration when renovating or constructing this communal space.

ZEBRADOG embraces input from students and facility partners to create inclusive spaces that are thoughtful, rich, and inviting to relax and foster lifelong relationships and memories.

Every union has a story, how can we tell yours?


Wow this is beautiful and amazing!

Was the reaction of a student’s family who walked into our newly enhanced space, which is exactly the reaction we were hoping for.
Sarah Fischer
Director of Admissions, Grinnell College

ZEBRADOG's work is always so thoughtful

Spot on and inspirational. They were the perfect partner to help us tell our Union stories.
Mark C. Guthier
Director of Wisconsin Unions, University of Wisconsin-Madison

We have worked with ZEBRADOG for over 15 years

and together have made a multi-facility brand program second to none in Division 1 athletics.
Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)
Head Coach (Retired), Duke Men's Basketball

This is a fantastic outcome of our collaboration with ZEBRADOG.

This unique, incredibly exciting installation offers the opportunity to test different things under one strong concept.
Ariel C. Armony, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Global Affairs, University of Pittsburgh

ZD takes us right to the edge every time

They help us think not what’s possible today but what we want to be tomorrow.
Linda Zwicker
Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology


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