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Our studio is located in Madison’s eclectic arts corridor in a 1912 Carnegie Library lovingly restored to its original form. The bones of this 120-year-old gothic architecture inspire us daily. We have a dog house, a media lab, a loft, and a bidet. It’s a building designed to ignite imaginations and celebrate the greatest stories in world history now filled with contemporary storytellers.

Deeply Intelligent

Our team of experiential designers, brand strategists, content creators, interior architects, media developers, and project managers create experiences that move people to tears, inspire people to help, and teach people to trust.

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Leadership That Delivers and Delights on a Daily Basis


Mark Schmitz

Founder + Creative Director

Mark began forming the ZEBRADOG idea 30 years ago with a unique vision of combining traditional and emerging design disciplines into dynamic built environments that flick at all the senses. Mark envisioned new human spaces that would bring authentic storytelling and brand engagement to life; built environments that urge folks to linger a while; to learn, to touch, to feel. That vision of 30 years ago is now a world-class team of exhibit architects, interior and graphic designers, producers, programmers, and software developers who easily fall under one job description - Passionate Thinkers. Mark continues to be a featured speaker throughout the country, always delivering inspiration for the human condition. On the rare occasion when he's not focusing on a ZD project, you'll find him rating golf courses for Golf Week Magazine, helping his friends at Taliesin, or slashing the mogul fields of Summit County on his 60-year-old knees.

Amy Beyler

Design Director

Whoa, whoa, whooa whoooa, huurrry, hurry, harder!! It all started 25 years ago when Amy started using a mysterious language in her hometown of Portage, WI. Thankfully, there was a club her parents could send her to that could nurture and direct her feverish energy. So began a love of curling and her passion to sweep and yell. Today, Amy is back in the hack and is happiest when she rocks the house! When she isn’t curling at the club, she can be found in the studio with a steaming cup of tea, a fan deck of Pantone colors, a Prince playlist on repeat, and the most unexpected designs on her monitor. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris Moore

Vice President + New Media Director

Born under the Generalist sign (nestled neatly between Taurus and Gemini), Chris brings expertise that transects a diverse array of design disciplines, including technology, communications, environmental graphics programs, architecture, signage, art, and exhibit development. Not surprisingly, he studied journalism in college and continues to channel his curiosity about everything into the stories we tell. Chris has worked for the past 20 years at ZEBRADOG in a variety of roles and is an essential part of the ZEBRADOG Executive Leadership team. He applies his well-honed cat-herding skills to wrangling two active kids and sprucing up a house with a long honey-do list. When he is not rebuilding a fire pit for the patio he can be found on one of Wisconsin’s many lakes, exploring the great outdoors, or playing music.

Caroline Altfeather

Director of Project Management

They say you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. As a kid growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, Caroline learned a thing or two about hard work and dedication. After visiting Madison a number of times on trips to the “city”, she knew this was where she wanted to be and would eventually find herself studying design at UW – Madison. Caroline earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in design and became a lecturer for the School of Human Ecology. For the last 20 years she has been applying the same farm girl work ethic to the design projects she manages; reshaping environments to be more engaging, dynamic, and powerful in achieving the goals of her clients.

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At ZEBRADOG we encourage each other, trust each other, and tolerate each other’s music. If you have a passion for placemaking, a curiosity for exploring new technologies, and a hunger for spicy food, reach out to say “hello” and explore opportunities to work together. We are always seeking talent.

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