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At the Center of Global Public Health

An Immersive Digital Feature Connecting a Leading Public Health Program With the World It Serves



The work of a leading public health program converges with its global impact in an interactive mix of new media and architectural brilliance with the creation of The Pulse. The 80-foot-long digital corridor celebrates the school’s shared mission of improving the world’s most pressing public health issues through learning, collaboration, and research.


Their expertise shined as a critical teammate in our process to success.

We have appreciated our collaboration with ZEBRADOG on many levels. They were able to jump right in and grasp what our client group was looking for in an immersive digital environment. We were all able to deliver better together.
Frederick C. Godbolt
AIA, LEED AP, The S/L/A/M Collaborative



Architectural Design
Experiential Design
Interactive Media Design / Development


Higher Education
Healthcare / Research Labs

The S/L/A/M Collaborative architectural firm needed an innovative Experience Design Consultant to design and develop an immersive digital storytelling platform located centrally in the new R. Randall Rollins Building on Emory’s campus, which serves as the program epicenter for the esteemed School of Public Health at Emory University.

The Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH) is the largest addition to the Emory University Medical School complex to date. The 10-story, 185,000-square-foot building features The Pulse, an immersive environment designed and developed by ZEBRADOG.

The Pulse serves as a centralized digital conversation portal, connecting the work of this world-class public health program at Emory, with broader global conversations around public health. It’s a mirror to both the work of the program, the issues global populations face, and the support and outreach that help facilitate innovation, research, and change.

The multi-mode, dynamic design allows it to change and adapt to a variety of uses and programming within the building.

  • Story Mode shines a light on captivating stories, issues, leaders, insights, and critical research.
  • A secondary Celebration Mode allows the entire feature to highlight special programming, moments, or work, with synchronized color, story, and interaction.

The ZEBRADOG experiential design team infused The Pulse with a dynamic color palette and arresting program-branded animations that continually shift and change relative to movement and energy within the space. Careful attention was also paid to the content management process engineered to integrate with existing editorial practices empowering the Rollins communications team to easily share informative and visually-intriguing stories for many years to come.


Emory University – R. Randall Rollins Building

Rollins School of Public Health Project Details