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Donor Experience Honors Transplant Heroes



Healthcare facility design offers a multitude of human-centric challenges. ZEBRADOG experiential designers excel at placemaking in these imposing environments to inspire patients, caregivers, donors, researchers, medical professionals, and students every day.




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Since completing its first kidney transplant in 1966, the UW Health Transplant Center is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful in the country. UW Health Planning, Design, and Construction set a goal to create a better, more streamlined experience for all involved in the life-saving process of organ transplantation.

ZEBRADOG was hired by Flad Architects as the Experience Design Consultant for the new Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Clinic. Our team applied experiential design thinking to two key project areas: a Living Donor Recognition Experience and a patient-friendly Courtesy Core media concierge for the UW Hospital entrance.

The response to both experiences has been enthusiastic. The visibility of the donor experience from the University Hospital entrance creates an especially welcome buzz to increase awareness around the gifts of life and healing.

Healthcare Design Magazine’s 14th annual Remodel/Renovation Competition for Single Spaces awarded UW Health a Gold Award. The winning project was featured in Healthcare Design Magazine and recognized at the 2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo.

Areas of Impact

The larger 10,000-square-foot Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Clinic offered the perfect conditions to design a beautiful Living Donor Experience that honors and celebrates these remarkable heroes. ZEBRADOG experience designers were inspired to incorporate light and a bright color palette to infuse the clinic with vibrant life, hope, and inspiration. Reflective glass walls highlight a rotation of recent living donors. Additionally, visitors can use their mobile devices to read compelling stories of what inspired select individuals to become living organ donors.

Organ transplantation is just one of many life-saving medical services located at the hospital. To help navigate the large, complex facility ZEBRADOG designed and developed a patient-friendly Courtesy Core within the redesigned 6,000-square-foot lobby. This large-scale digital installation aids staff in ensuring a seamless visit journey for patients by providing accessible, timely, pertinent, and caring information that addresses patients’ non-medical concerns, stresses, and uncertainties during their visits.


UW Health Transplant Clinic Receives Top HCD Award

Pleasant T. Rowland Transplant Clinic at University Hospital

UW Health Hospital & Transplant Clinic Project Details