Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

To Dream in Cheese

Transformation From Beige Office to Blue Ribbon Experience



Wisconsin has been making cheese for over 180 years. It’s 90% of the focus for the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin but not a slice, wedge, or round could be found in its corporate workspace until ZEBRADOG transformed it into an experience as noteworthy as the cheddar.


The transformation was a true partnership and it wouldn't have happened without ZEBRADOG… Every space is well thought out. Every inch is designed with a purpose.

Chad Vincent
Chief Executive Officer, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin




Experiential Design
Facilities/Campus Branding
Interactive Media Design / Development


Corporate Workspaces / Brands

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin’s leadership was seeking an environment that reflected the mission and purpose-driven passion of the organization. The facility brand integration program created by experiential design firm ZEBRADOG significantly transformed the nondescript and underutilized office from a dead space into a vibrant workspace that is the heartbeat of the entire organization.

Purposefully designed experiences throughout the office enhance employee engagement, collaboration, recruiting, and retention. A palette of rustic colors, natural textures, and dairy motifs creates a one-of-a-kind space that can only be inhabited by this passion-led advocacy group.

“The brand really leaps out at you and grabs you by the heartstrings like it never did before,” said Su Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

The entrance of the Dairy Farmers headquarters greets visitors like a farmer’s warm, weathered handshake. Beige walls were transformed with an old-fashioned barn raising to give the space height, texture, and character. A long farm table welcomes guests and employees to gather. Prize-winning dairy products are showcased to incite conversation and pride.

The most dramatic transformation was the reinvention of a drab copy room into a dairy-tasting experience through the creation of a full kitchen, cold storage, display cases, and a video content studio.

A windowless conference room now offers board members a beautiful vista of cows in the pasture. A repurposed hallway allows visitors to grab a convenient workspace between meetings. Collaborative booths add more casual opportunities for colleagues to interact and dream up new ways to share their love of dairy and cheese with the world.