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Since 1901, Duke University has been committed to excellence in Athletics as part of a larger commitment to excellence in Education. ZEBRADOG was engaged to create an environment like no other in higher education that reflects the distinct culture of Duke Athletics by celebrating moments, memories, and milestones to attract the best student-athletes and top coaches.


For over 15 years, I’ve trusted ZEBRADOG

to create a winning brand environment for Duke Basketball.
Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)
Head Coach (Retired), Duke Men's Basketball




Architectural Design
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Facilities/Campus Branding
Interactive Media Design / Development


Athletic Facilities
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The Blue Devil brand is built on decades of leadership with a unique commitment to a collective soul.

Since 2007, ZEBRADOG’s design partnership threads together moments to help remind players, coaches, and fans why they pledge allegiance to Excellence, Integrity, and Family every day.

Duke Basketball Museum: A sacred place of crystal and shoelaces. Fans can access stories and view trophies from over four decades. A special tribute to Coach K’s Olympic and FIBA Gold Medals is featured, along with Naismith and National Defensive Players of the Year winners.

Cameron Indoor Stadium: The collegiate gothic architecture and the ever-present sophistication of Duke University define the baseline of our design program for the epicenter of college basketball. A facility logo strategy was developed to connect the experiences to a broader university theme. The renaissance of Cameron Indoor (and Wallace Wade) Stadiums has set the bar for fan and recruiting experiences in North America.

Rubenstein Pavilion: A spectacular front-end addition to Cameron Indoor Stadium features an opportunity to display one-of-a-kind artifacts from the Duke Basketball archives. Four interactive media towers feature every game, every highlight, and every current player and coach. Fans learn about every Coach K win and see highlights of former Duke players playing in the NBA.

Crazies Wall: The beating heart of Cameron Indoor Stadium is the student section named the Cameron Crazies, where 1,200 absolutely wild college kids scream blue from the inside out. It is a “tactile” experience to see them. The ZEBRADOG team was asked to bring all of the raw energy of the students to an exhibit where visitors on non-game days could get a sense of the energy. Thus, the Crazies Wall was born. You can touch it, slap it, tweet about it, light it up, read it, stand on it, revel in it, hear it, and most importantly take your picture with it.

Other Duke Athletic experiences designed by ZEBRADOG also include the Hall of Honor, Champions Club, Cameron Indoor Stadium Tour, Athletics Hall of Fame, and the Coach K Center for Academic and Athletic Excellence. New Tennis, Field Hockey, LaCrosse, and Soccer Hype Rooms will open in 2023-2024.

What started in 2007 when we partnered with Duke Men’s Basketball, has grown to encompass 26 varsity athletic facilities on campus. We developed a visual narrative and signature athletics brand texture that is clearly recognizable to dimensionally enhance a student-athlete’s connection to their university long past graduation.

“Let’s Go, Duke!”


Thank you for choosing The Brotherhood. Enjoy your flight!

Duke Unveils Crazies Wall at Cameron Indoor Stadium

Rubenstein Pavilion Tour