Exact Sciences

The Art of Exact Sciences

Harnessing Mother Nature’s Palette



When Exact Sciences reimagined its entire headquarters into the 265,000-square-foot Discovery Campus it required a transformative installation to greet visitors, researchers, and employees to this transformative company. The challenge was to articulate the mission of improving lives using immersive technology.

Only ZEBRADOG’s experiential design team would dream of fractal patterns powered by Mother Nature to design a one-of-a-kind generative art experience we call the Exact Sciences Living Mural.


Our partnership with ZEBRADOG has been terrific.

They created the tour experiences for our labs and provided a unique perspective for science storytelling in our facilities.
Kevin Conroy
Chairman and CEO, Exact Sciences



Wayfinding / Signage
Tour Design
Experiential Design
Facilities/Campus Branding
Interactive Media Design / Development


Corporate / Workspace
Healthcare / Research

Exact Sciences is on the front lines fighting cancer. Its mission is to change the way we think about detecting and treating cancer by providing earlier answers and life-changing treatment guidance.

This transformative company needed a transformative experience that set the tone of innovation in medical diagnostic research using modern media. The ZEBRADOG experiential design team was inspired by Mother Nature and set out to design and develop a data-driven, generative art installation like no other.

The daily experience is a spectacular two-story immersive media installation in the main lobby. Directly influenced by local weather conditions at the start of each hour, the Exact Sciences Living Mural paints live artistic renderings of fractal patterns found in biology, on the frontiers of medical research, and in modern technology.

Elements within the digital canvas, the brush strokes, color palette, and painting speed, come together to visually describe temperature, wind speed, and humidity happening in real-time outside its campus.

Using these patterns as a symbol, this mural reflects Exact Sciences’ passion for understanding and harnessing the natural world’s power to improve the lives of those in it. The result is an ever-changing artistic algorithm of our natural world.

As the Experience Design Consultant for this campus expansion, ZEBRADOG also introduced cohesive facility naming, brand strategy, and wayfinding systems to offer a seamless experience to better navigate the large, seven-building campus.

The laboratory tours at Exact Sciences are important features to share with investors, prospective employees, and visiting dignitaries. ZEBRADOG designed the interpretive information kiosks for each lab tour bringing groundbreaking science to life in an engaging, understandable way.


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