Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison

A Radiant Future

Designing A Spectacular Ho-Chunk Nation Experience



Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison had a vision for the future to offer an incredible hospitality experience in the Midwest. The collaboration with ZEBRADOG created an extraordinary experiential master plan that dreamed of a vibrant entertainment destination and cultural gateway to the Ho-Chunk Nation.




Identity Design / Branding
Master Planning / Space Planning
Wayfinding / Signage
Experiential Design


Historic / Museums / Cultural Centers
Exterior Placemaking

The Ho-Chunk Nation is a proud Nation of 7849 tribal members with a history spanning three ice ages on traditional lands from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. Today they have a stellar reputation for hospitality as demonstrated by the success of their Ho-Chunk Nation Gaming facilities around the Midwest.

With a mission to create an atmosphere that is fun, relaxing, exciting, and rewarding for guests they were seeking a master plan expanding its Madison gaming facility to incorporate an entertainment district across 47 acres. Drawing from the Greater Capital Region, the plan expanded the casino and added a new hotel, conference center, regional sports complex, spa, restaurants, and the first cultural heritage center for the Ho-Chunk Nation.

ZEBRADOG was hired as the Experiential Design Consultant to determine facility placemaking, programming, branding, naming, and wayfinding. Tribal members were gathered by our experiential design team for robust vision sessions to gather input, stories, traditions, and inspiration.

The resulting experiential master plan prioritized celebrating the Ho-Chunk Nation’s cultural heritage, environmental stewardship, and social connection. A 3-D animation created by ZEBRADOG brings this rich multi-layered experience to life from the inviting front entrance to the variety of activities to explore inside and all the detailed touchpoints in between.

It’s an unforgettable celebration of the Ho-Chunk Nation that builds on a resilient past, proud present, and radiant future.

Areas of Impact

Placemaking is at the heart of every community. To strengthen the connection between people and place, ZEBRADOG invited tribal leaders, elders, planners, and architects to collaborate on a shared vision. Rich stories, symbols, traditions, and programming were gathered to inform and inspire the experiential master plan.

Inspired by The Great Seal of the Ho-Chunk Nation the brand identity embraces cultural traditions and natural elements. The eagle is a significant symbol and lends kinetic energy to the brand mark. The circle embraces traditions such as drum circles and sacred gatherings.

Nature-inspired elements provide a focal point for each area of the master plan to add a cohesive branded pattern language throughout the experience. An eagle’s nest forms an abstract fractal pattern for a stunning entrance archway. Four brilliant lighted waterfalls welcome all who visit. Trees, feathers, and fern fiddleheads inspire laser-cut metal shapes for wayfinding signage throughout the expansive campus.