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Unexpected Discoveries in the Middle of Everywhere

Creating Shared Memories and a Lasting Impression on Prospective Students



Higher education admissions are competitive and require a creative approach to attract the best and brightest students. Each touchpoint and environment is an opportunity to create attraction. It’s a powerful tool in the recruitment process.


Wow this is beautiful and amazing!

Was the reaction of a student’s family who walked into our newly enhanced space, which is exactly the reaction we were hoping for.
Sarah Fischer
Director of Admissions, Grinnell College




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Experiential Design
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Higher Education

Located in a small, rural town is a college with a large presence and a lot to offer. The Admissions team at Grinnell College was seeking a refreshing visitor experience that felt like a destination. When Grinnell College constructed a new Admission and Student Financial Services building on their over 150-year-old campus, they turned to ZEBRADOG to help activate the space with a holistic and authentic story of the college.

Drawing inspiration from the campus, the students, and ordinary everyday items, ZEBRADOG’s experiential design team brought the building to life by curating an engaging new student experience that celebrates the school’s history, campus diversity, global connections, and alumni accolades as only “Grinnellians” can.

Grinnell’s “first touchpoint” visual communications program focused on creating both analog and digital expressions. Several signature storyline exhibits invite curiosity, encourage interaction, and fire up the imagination of perspective students to create shared memories and make a lasting impression.

From a welcome wall of 4,500 pencils—each inscribed with various messages and facts—and the 100-year-old salvaged sycamore round to the interactive digital portal into the World of Grinnell, prospective students, parents, and guests are bound to find some unexpected discoveries.

Since 2017 ZEBRADOG continues to work with Grinnell College on a variety of campus improvements and new construction projects. The school’s commitment to intellectual curiosity and discovery make them an ideal partner for reinventing the higher education experience.