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Industry Leader Reimagines Workspace for Next Generation



Stark Company Realtors approached ZEBRADOG to reinvigorate its branch offices starting with its central headquarters. The primary goal was to create a vibrant, collaborative workspace where leadership, agents, and staff gather to learn, network, and revive.


We need our work spaces to reflect our growing culture. Our environments need to see into our future.

Dave Stark
President, Stark Company Realtors




Architectural Design
Identity Design / Branding
Master Planning / Space Planning
Experiential Design
Facilities/Campus Branding


Corporate Workspaces / Brands

Leadership changes are often the catalyst to reinvigorate an organization’s branding from logo to workspaces. When Madison, Wisconsin’s oldest realtor approached ZEBRADOG to bridge four generations of the Stark Family with a fifth generation in the wings that’s exactly what our experiential design team did.

“ZEBRADOG had a fantastic process to help pinpoint what we wanted to achieve from a tone, vibe, environment standpoint, and how to incorporate the aesthetic piece of our brand. As somebody who hadn’t been through that, it was really helpful.”

– Alison Stark, Recruiting Director, Stark Company Realtors

Stark’s familiar house logo was streamlined to achieve a strong, bold, trustworthy identity that stands out in a competitive real estate market. The identity and brand colors were integrated throughout the central office providing the perfect backdrop for inspirational quotes, wayfinding elements, conference room naming, and more.

This busy central hub feels authentic and welcoming thanks to Madison’s beauty intertwined with over 100 years of Stark family history. The Madison mural is an especially colorful spot in the community cafe and a reliable conversation starter. Snippets of local landmarks, natural elements, and street art harmonize to create the visual texture of this vibrant city.

At ZEBRADOG, our experiential design team creates the optimal blend of branding, storytelling, space planning, and technology to forge personal connections to “place” and invite more intentional interactions that build company culture.

Areas of Impact

The most notable innovation in Stark’s central office is a dedicated social space for entertaining and networking. Inspired by founder Paul E. Stark, Paul’s Place has nostalgic touches with modern amenities. What was once an unused print collateral room is now a cozy lounge that beckons agents and guests to gather.

As a community leader, Stark required a flexible, state-of-the-art training center to develop new talent and keep realtors updated on trends that inform and inspire the business and broker communities. To keep participants fueled and focused the space incorporates a reception area and features an engaging artistic rendering of the neighborhoods and lakes Stark serves.

Updated technology throughout various workspace types and meeting spaces enhances productivity throughout the offices (and virtually). A large multi-media display welcomes visitors with rotating content including industry trends, awards, and featured properties. Three digital canvases highlight community building via testimonials, sold homes, realtor achievements, and local outreach events. These media enhancements bring culture and community to the forefront daily.