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Overture Center for the Arts needed a better approach to donor recognition. ZEBRADOG provided a stunning and practical solution that honors donors and smoothly integrates into the architecture to enhance, not detract from, the grandeur of the space.

Architect Cesar Pelli of Pelli Clarke Partners

We agree with ZEBRADOG’s recommendations for their enhanced integration to our architecture.
Cesar Pelli



Architectural Design
Donor Recognition
Experiential Design
Content Strategy / Development
Interactive Media Design / Development


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Overture Center’s mission is to support and elevate the Madison, Wisconsin community’s creative culture, economy, and quality of life through the arts. Generous Local Legends lead by example by giving $100,000 to support operations and programs. Every spring, this Match Campaign fundraising challenge makes the arts available to all in Madison and beyond.

To recognize these generous high-level benefactors as well as entry-level annual givers, Experiential Design Firm ZEBRADOG was enlisted to design and develop an interactive media installation that seamlessly blended with the stunning Cesar Pelli-designed facility.

Embracing the environment’s color palette and design materials as well as the organization’s sophisticated branding style, this digital donor wall is as luxe as its environment.

Past programs were hard to maintain and quickly outdated. Future growth required adaptability and expanding content in a smaller footprint. The new digital approach recognizes donors of all sizes—from annual stakeholder gifts to high-level benefactors—making it easy to update and maintain.

From the start this comprehensive multi-touch tour invites interaction. The attract mode screen features silhouettes of performers and clear instructions to interact. Guests can explore the history of Overture Center, learn more about the Overture Center Foundation, and celebrate donors of all giving levels. This experience says “Thank You” and shines a spotlight on what these generous gifts make possible.

It’s a donor recognition solution that delights patrons, celebrates their passion for supporting the arts, and invites new donors to participate in supporting this vibrant arts center.


Bravo For Madison's Overture Center