Philadelphia Cricket Club

A Rich Sporting Heritage

Celebrating 160 Years of Stories



The Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of the finest private family-oriented full-service country clubs in America. As the nation’s oldest country club, the Club has a rich sporting heritage that it was eager to preserve and enrich.



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Founded in 1854, The Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country devoted to the playing of games and the only club in the United States with a different golf course constructed in each of the last three centuries. The Cricket Club provides preeminent recreational and social experiences for its members, their families, and friends by maintaining exceptional standards in its facilities, programs, services, and professional staff.

ZEBRADOG experience designers and media developers created a fully interactive way to explore the Past, Present, and Future of the Club to enhance Member and Guest experiences. Today its spectacular 160-year history is now a part of its bright Future.

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Alumni from the University of Pennsylvania founded The Philadelphia Cricket Club and elected the first President, J. Dickerson Sergeant. According to the charter, the purpose of the Club was the “practicing and playing of the games of cricket and tennis and the promotion of the health of its members.” As the Club’s name implies, cricket was played at the Club from its inception until the 1920s. It was revived in the early 1990s and has enjoyed steady support since.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club was the site of the first U.S. Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship in 1887. The first Women’s National Doubles Tournament was played at the Club in 1889 and the first National Mixed Doubles Tournament was held in 1892. All tournaments were later relocated to Forest Hills, New York.

R. Norris Williams II survived six hours in freezing waters after the Titanic sank and refused leg amputation. He became a member of the Philadelphia Cricket Club and later went on to win the National Tennis Singles title (1914-1916), National Doubles title (1925-1926), Wimbledon Doubles title (1920), and the Olympic Mixed Doubles title (1924).