University of Pittsburgh

Creating a Global Ritual

Experiential Art and Media Create One-of-a-Kind Educational Engagement Space



Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh’s International Studies department grappled with a key question, “what does it take for Pitt to be considered a global institution?” Student feedback overwhelmingly shared their desire for one place on campus to drop in and explore resulting in an ambitious experiential portal into diverse cultures, perspectives, and travel adventures.


This is a fantastic outcome of our collaboration with ZEBRADOG.

This unique, incredibly exciting installation offers the opportunity to test different things under one strong concept.
Ariel C. Armony, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Global Affairs, University of Pittsburgh



Experiential Design
Facilities/Campus Branding
Content Strategy / Development
Interactive Media Design / Development


Higher Education

The University of Pittsburgh prides itself on providing students with a high-caliber education with global views. When leadership remodeled their Global Studies building, they prioritized a unique experience to engage and educate their students—Taking Pitt to the World and Bringing the World to Pitt.

ZEBRADOG was the Experience Design Consultant for architectural partner Strada to develop a series of signature experiential components for a truly one-of-a-kind educational engagement space.

Dynamic storytelling exhibits combine aspects of art, interior design, architecture, and rich data-driven content. Three key digital focal points in the space aim “to educate, to engage, and to explore” providing a window to diverse cultures, landscapes, and opportunities around the world.

  • The Experience Wall is a central feature where students learn about other countries while viewing first-hand, high-definition images and videos from the comfort of a welcoming, eclectic student lounge.
  • The Clock is a notable large-scale media experience that changes as an hourly ritual, allowing something special to look forward to every day. Abstract shapes and colors representing flags across the globe transition into a specific country feature on the Experience Wall.
  • The Engagement Wall is an interactive touch-screen panel inviting students to explore opportunities based on their goals and preferences. After taking a brief quiz, students are presented with a curated selection of courses, certificates, scholarships, clubs, and more. There is also a calendar of international- and global-related events happening on campus, as well as trivia, to build curiosity and engagement without a passport.

Pitt sends more than 2,100 students to study abroad every year, where they take part in more than 350 programs in 75 countries. The Pitt Global Hub is the first space of its kind on campus (and at other academic institutions nationwide.) It is embraced as an innovative tool to foster global citizenship, cultural awareness, and diverse communities, and instrumental in establishing Pitt as a global institution.

Areas of Impact

The ZD Media Lab employed 24 flat panel HD displays, a 98″ 4K interactive display, 40M live-rendered pixels, over 100 linear feet of pixel-controlled LED lighting, and remotely managed content, power, and controls to build this extraordinary experience at Pitt.


Global Plan for Pitt Comes to Life at New Hub in Posvar Hall